Henkel Creek Angus

Francois Lake

Henkel Creek Angus is a small, family-run farm operated by Glen and Denise Stewart along the beautiful shores of Francois Lake in the central interior of British Columbia. We have been running the farm with our children James and Christina for nearly 30 years. With our kids now grown with spouses and children of their own, we welcome them back to visit and help on the farm whenever they are able. The farm is a favourite destination for our granddaughters, who love to learn about farming and the animals, enjoy the fresh waters of Francois Lake and explore the area.

Cow grazing on the side of Colleymount

Our purebred herd has grown out of a commercial cow/calf operation originally consisting of Charolais cross with Red Angus and Hereford influence. We were impressed with the great Angus mothers and the hardy, trouble free Angus calves. Our love for the Angus breed inspired us to expand our purebred herd numbers and focus on raising exceptional mothers and bulls. We’ve been raising and selling bulls for a number of years now, selecting only the top quality our herd produces. 

We don’t sell any bulls that we wouldn’t use ourselves in our own commercial or purebred herds.

Angus Calf

Sale Bulls

Red Rox Krow 30K
Red Rox Kash 42K
Red Rox Kactus 56K
Red Rox Kargo 70K
Red Rox Kordell 77K

Vanderhoof Bull Sale Catalogue

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