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Bull Sale Notice

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic there will be some changes to the procedures for the Vanderhoof All Breeds Bull Sale this year. Please see the BC Livestock Website for the notice regarding these changes.

The bulls are available for viewing at the farm until Wed April 7 and we are going to try to have them available to view at the BC Livestock Vanderhoof yard by the afternoon of Thurs April 8.

Internet Bidding will be available on DLMS. Please register to bid well before the sale; the process is fairly easy. If you want to bid by phone or have someone impartial give you an assessment of the bulls, please contact Glen or Denise and we will help with arrangements:  250-695-6652,  250-251-1176, 250 251-1147 or e-mail:

Red Rox Twinberry 1J – Lot 33 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Red Rox Twinberry 1J

Registration #: 2228800

1J is a twin born from an A.I. mating of an outstanding Diamond X cow and the popular A.I. sire Red Fine Line Mulberry. We used his twin brother on heifers in 2022 and are keeping him for use in our herd.

Red Rox Jesse 7J – Lot 34 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Red Rox Jesse 7J

Registration #: 2228807

Jesse is a young bull with lots of potential. His EPDs are top 10% of the breed for calving ease and birth weight and well above average for weaning weight and yearling weight. Excellent sire and wonderful moderate dam.

Red Rox Jeddo 27J – Lot 35 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Red Rox Jeddo 27J

Registration #: 2228816

Exceptional calving ease and still good performance. Just 66 lb birth weight from a 5-year-old cow.  EPDs are 2% calving ease and the top 5% for birth weight. Handsome, good-natured sire and a pleasant husky dam.

Red Rox Justice 30J – Lot 36 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Red Rox Justice 30J

Registration #: 2228819

Justice is a powerful young bull with a great presence. His dam brought us new genetics from the T Bar K  dispersal in Saskatchewan.  We would use 30J on cows and expect thick and meaty calves.

Red Rox Jayler 55J – Lot 48 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Red Rox Jayler 55J

Registration #: 2228824

This guy should make a top-notch bull for someone. Good calving ease and birth weight, with even better performance.  Unfortunately, we lost both his sire and dam to injuries last year, they were standouts.

Rox Jessie James 76J – Lot 38 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Rox Jessie James

Registration #: 2228934

76J is the first black bull that we have to offer. He is a long smooth bull from a good-looking maternal momma cow who has a good nature and lots of milk. His sire gave us great calves.