Our Program

When we first got into the cattle business, we began with an established commercial herd of Charolais-cross cows, utilizing red Angus on heifers. The Angus breed really impressed us, with both the get-up-and-go attitude of the calves and the strong mothering instincts of the cows. With the beneficial Angus traits in mind, we began to direct our commercial herd towards more Angus breeding, which led to starting a purebred herd.

Three Amigos

After careful research, we selected and acquired quality females by private treaty and from dispersal sales. Our selections focused on maternal qualities with an emphasis on udders, feet, calving ease and growth. We believe we have established a strong foundation of our herd by acquiring proven genetics from well-established, successful herds across Western Canada. Using carefully planned matings with breed-leading AI sires and outstanding walking bulls, we strive to improve our herd and produce quality bulls for our customers.

Red Angus Mamas on the Summer Range

Our bulls are raised to be sold as two year olds, none are sold as yearlings. They are born in March and April and spend their first summer with their mothers on range (no creep feed). After they are weaned they are fed free choice hay and a small amount of a grain based total ration to produce moderate gains. After a second summer on pasture bulls are re-evaluated for soundness and conformation and then spend a second winter on hay and a modest total ration. At the beginning of March their feed  is increased to prepare them for the sale and breeding season.

Next Year’s Bull Sale Prospect (2021)

Both our commercial and purebred herds summer on open range or rugged private grazing land consisting of natural meadows, poplar groves, mixed conifer forests and logged areas. For cattle to thrive in these areas they need to be structurally sound and able to utilize a variety of forages.

Red Angus Cow and Calf on the Summer Range