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Red Rox Twinberry 1J – Lot 33 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Franchise came to us inside a bred heifer we purchased from the T bar K
dispersal. He is thick and meaty on a moderate frame. He has excellent
performance EPD’s, top 5% of the breed for WW & YW. We used 3G on our purebred heifers last year.

Red Rox Jesse 7J – Lot 34 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

15G is a handsome bull with eye catching shape and thickness. He has
solid EPD’s for birth weight, calving ease, milk and performance. We
would use him on cows or heifers and expect great steers to sell and
heifers to keep.

Red Rox Jeddo 27J – Lot 35 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Flash is not a typical Grassroots calf, he has a bigger birthweight, larger frame, more performance & is still thick & meaty. His dam produces bigger more performance oriented calves. We would use him on cows.

Red Rox Justice 30J – Lot 36 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Flex brings a balance of calving ease, performance & maternal traits. His mother is a moderate cow with a great udder. His sire is a popular AI sire that produces outstanding maternal daughters & performance sons. We would use 22F on cows & well grown heifers.

Red Rox Jayler 55J – Lot 48 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

Franz has a calm & pleasant disposition. His EPDs are top 15% for weaning weight & top 10% for yearling weight. We would use him on cows & expect heavier calves to sell & good milking, good natured daughters to keep.

Rox Jessie James 76J – Lot 38 Vanderhoof Bull Sale

A Dragon Rider son from a moderate cow that puts everything into her calves. He has a good temperament & a thick dark red hair coat. We would use 43F on cows.